Friday, 26 August 2016

Sam and Daryl: In love marriage

They say hell is falling in love across  the Atlantics
Not everyone  gets the Titanic love story
But falling in and out
Like  the waves that bond them
Daryl couldn't  keep his eyes off this Canadian beauty

Sam determined  to marry the one of her heart
She travels  to  the  land of the hummingbird
He lives up to his promise
No more digicel and Skyping through dinner

No matter the difference  of culture
Faith in love knows no barrier
Yusuf  and Zulaikha
Muhammad  and Aisha
When  tradition meets love
A union so blessed that the  Kaba makes  the  dua!

Monday, 15 August 2016

Usain Bolt faster than lightning

He signals the cross and raises his head to The Most  High
Smiles with confidence after 2 golds why not
On your mark get set
And faster than light  the Bolt won 3rd gold!

Touching Andree and flying Olympian  style
He cheers on his fans with such sportsmanship
The air waves are  crackling
Hussain  Bolt is the fastest on earth!

Jamaica green flag flying
The stadium  rises and our Caribbean  hearts  swell
Another Garvey, another Marley
He signals the cross and lifts his head to the sky smiling!

Usain Bolt Don Anderson

Friday, 12 August 2016

Remembering My Mother Lyla Ali- 1st Anniversary

Too soon we say
A year has passed and the wounds are still bleeding
You moved on beyond the walls quickly
That smile and laughter still fresh in our minds

How can we forget the joy of your face?
How can we not want to spend the birthdays together?
When will this troubled heart find ease?
You flew away with life's wonder!

Under the moonlight and into the sunset
Your every ounce of kindness shines brighter
People who knew you say she was indeed a beautiful woman
Few are remembered this way- you were everyone's mother!

The prayers you taught me
The pursuit of happiness you empowered me
The sacrifice for education you gifted me
I have nothing to return except these frail hands clasped in prayer!

I love you mommy!

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Marry the one who loves you!

In high school they fell in love
She would  add his name to hers
Not knowing but believing he would marry her
After ten years and many red moons

She marries him behind bars
The tears her mom shed were more interesting
She waited till now to see who is this chap
And the vows will blow you away

He took his time to remember her each virtue
Never forgetting Allah in the opening  promise
What a virtue marriage  is when found on love
When someone believes in you  even if you are 'bad' as bad can be!

Dedicated  to Malcolm  and Rudelle whose nikah I had the privilege  of performing.