Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Poem.on Interfaith in Toronto: Past and Future

Interfaith like the rainbow is not meant to  be defined
It's beauty  lies in the dept of faith
It's breath like elsewhere redesigned
But in Toronto forever in fluid state

Like the stretch  of  40 years Where the quilt has been sewn
Another 40 requires threads and tears
Of much colors  and love full blown

I laugh at the absurdity
To think we can direct the winds of Spirituality
I cry at the distrust that we can through the inspiration  of Interfaith stem the tide of poverty

Yes We Can!

Like the First Nations and their diverse cultures of a millennia
Welcoming us in their Land of Abundance
We in T dot must quickly believe we need millennials
That the Spirit of the  God we serve

Awaits our hunger at the Altar of Love
We must not let the refugees faraway die
Not to depend on political  minds
And Toronto  is the heartbeat of Canada-so don't let  her down!
Cheers  Salam Shalom Shanti Niha  Peace!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Thierno and Gabrielle weds interfaithly.

Thierno and Gabrielle
Riding separate ways
Seven years ago
Why not carpool if you're  going the same path?

Fast lanes and switching trains
Adrenalin  rush and  crossed cultures
Where  will  this  infectious smile lead to?
Will love know a better garden of roses?

She a devout West Indian, Jesus-loving, professional home girl, so beautiful!
He raised  on the tough love of Mother Africa and Quranic foundations.

Today we celebrate love,
We join in prayers for eternal togetherness,
Like Abraham who couldn't  live without Hagar and Sarah,
Divine is this union that you got in the same ceremony the Imam and Pastor!

Allah's  blessings  forever!