Monday, 10 November 2014

Poem- Congratulations Kassim on His 6Oth Bdayand retirement party

Kasim retired
Never could you believe?
That a badminton court could turn banquet hall
A man could undertake so much in lifetime and still be so young

Kassim is more than a friend and leader
Always caring and present
Amazed at his relation with Sabrina
Fatima and Muhammad comes to mind

But how could you live so well?
And give to Islam, family and country?
Not without a wife more fragrant than lavender
Zoraida this is your party

For he couldn't begin this journey 
without you-
His Khadija
Allah bless you both!


ochro  fish  liver  corn water melon icicle hammock wifi breeze...
the open sky stopped by banana leaves
like mothers of the earth
youth lost on children and men
this tree grows many hands
cut her again and again
she still grows more banana your hands can hold
like sweet cashew now showing bud
this woman whose hardened soles
lies your salvation
has colors more beautiful than pink and gold
where else can you find Malala
secured from eyes of every day girls
but just there in every corner
every third world classroom
raped of future
stuck like a baby mother
waiting for a text
waiting for milk and sugar
what religion what God
Which Prophet which heart of the Kaba
who stain a girls future
would make haram education
would snatch her future
but spineless cronies of Pharoah and Hitler
this sweet Guyana
Land of waters and Eldorado
young mothers like this half green cashew
not knowing difference between biology and sexual favors
walk the corridors of suicide and abortion
shame upon the Babylons of power
men and women who allow such disgraceful demeanour
Jesus washed the feet of the sinner
Mary draped her head with her miracle baby
Judge not for you will be commented on  Facebook
Look not at others for dirt lies within your phones
Hold the hand of our mothers
Like this young coconut tree
Her mother shaded her to maturity
One day she will rule the world with class A coconuts and you will bow to this God's angel

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Poem on Ali retirement

Ali John you've done it
Dragging though the years like Sobers
Hitting the students, family and Deen with that smile
Now retired on the ball not out

What a wonder of life
To be surprised, to be loved
Like Malala the Warrior of Education
You've retired from TDSB but not from knowledge

Like the sweet hummingbird
Dancing on your dreams of tomorrow
Salisha unknowingly called you John for 35 years
John is really Jan i.e. my life, baby!

I looked in utter awe
As your daughter Salima, no your princess
And two princes, Saeed and Adam welcomed you
No I watched, soaring above, the fragrance of love, now, the world awaits you.