Wednesday, 29 August 2012




New Horizons
1510 Birchmount ROad
Unit # 103




Literary evening- Nov 10th

Dinner on Sept 29th for Trinidad Relief

Arabic course - evenings once a week...

Can you kindly consider joining this prog or get some students- if I do not get students the prog will go!

 This course focuses on the introduction of Arabic Language with learning of reading and writing skills followed by speaking and learning the culture. The course emphasizes clear, correct writing and pronunciation with exposure to colloguial language and ability to construct simple grammatical sentences. The student will recognize and use a variety of structural and stylistic techniques, using multimedia, guest lecturers and interactive styles like visiting restaurants on campus and using Arabic among students. Students practice the language in and out of class. (42 hrs)

841 $308.00 Summer 2012 2012-05-10 2012-08-09
times days
06:30 PM to 09:30 PM R
Progress Campus

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Nyasha and Jamie

Love from Kilimanjaro!

Nyasha and Jamie
Crossing untouchable terrain
Removing hidden boundaries
To make one the heartbeat of two

Lost of oxygen
Dizzied to the end
Yet on knees bent
Jamie on his peak with the ring!

The deeper faith is such
That it resonates with souls
Unmet, unheard of until time
If love has a story here it is

Nyasha endeared by adventures
Jamie jewelled by kindness
In the words of Dalai Lama
The best of Faiths is the one most loving!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sunshine Caribbean

Sitting across the moonlight
The long legs of a lady rainbow
Dashingly stretches overtures of smiles
Such rare composition of lady into the moonshine

The thrill of flying over lands
An escape to places far from hormones
Leaves scars of beautiful dreams
Where you stand as a line between art and poetry

The dawn fights over awaken senses
The dew left from last night’s lovely embraces
Erases pains of cruel separation
The sunlight creases through my broken heart again!

Every year my soul retreats
In the abyss of purity, the senses recede
For thirty sundowns Divine love surges, axing away dark layers
Anxious of your Union more than breaking fast with mangoes, dates and poulourie!

My Mother from another father!

Over and over
You return to your motherland
A repeat into the wombs that grow beard
Your journey far and wide

Ends up on the pillow of navel string
Like the flute of green bamboo
You sing sweetly in my ears
The sugar canes swinging

The molasses boiling
All of this is you, even if you’re not there to kiss
Welcome, you’re still there
My dearest Aunty Sandy, I’m home!

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Eid is here
The moon brings her
Where delicacies and guests
Arrive in their very best

Ramadan we will miss you
The many places you take us
The depth of heart at prayers
The Quran filling our spirits free of haters

Now the world is reeling with crisis
Women hurt, refugees fleeing
Leaders bowing to Pharaohs
Eid greetings for those who awaited the Iftar in patience

While we know another Ramadan may meet us
Unchanged from the habits we endear from childhood
We know God doesn't judge us like others
Forgiveness, mercy and salvation are his hobby, just have Faith oh Lovers!

Eid Greetings!
Thank you!
Habeeb Alli