Monday, 1 May 2017

Habeeb Alli Bio

Habeeb Alli Bio

Habeeb Alli studied at Queen's College Guyana before he graduated with a Masters in Islamic Theology and Arabic Language from the famous Deoband Seminary, India. He also holds a Diploma in Journalism from Delhi.

Habeeb is the author of eighteen books on Canadian Muslims and Contemporary Islam including Red Coconut- bridging the racial divide.

He is a member of the Canadian Council of Imams and served as Secretary for six years. Mr Alli serves as director at the Abraham Festival in Peterborough.

Imam Alli has presented on Islam in many conferences over the past nine years and was a regular contributor on He was recognised by the Junctian Network for Community Service in April 2017.

He presently serves as Development Director at One Parent Muslim Foundation- dedicated towards single mothers and as a Federal Chaplain with Correctional Services Canada.

The Poet is the founder of the annual One Love Gala- in recognition of successful reintegration of inmates. He sits on a number of community boards and speaks several languages.

Habeeb blogs at

Friday, 28 April 2017

Abraham Festival Peterborough 2017

Abraham Festival
Known for visiting places of worship
And for the fourteenth anniversary
We have three amigos from the South doing comedy
 An Imam, A Rabbi and A Priest

It just goes to show
We are not only inspiring Canadians
Only this week
I reminded someone
That the mosque was rebuilt
With Jews and Christians donating
While the Muslims were laughing all the way to the bank

Like the river of Babylon
Today First Nations join us
To celebrate our water crisis
That our Canada isn't 150 years
But 150 plus of rich history 

So while we laugh tonite
With the Interfaith Amigos
We must remember

Abraham opened his tent to every stranger 
And First Nations welcomed us from around the world
We will always sing Shalom, Salam and Megwich!


Friday, 14 April 2017

Poem on Lac La Biche- Romance of Lebanese and Cree

Up North
Where Borealis and deers kiss
The white blanket of Arctic light
Enchants a Cree woman Mcredi and Ali of Beirut

After one century and three Decades
A town filled of families
A life filled with accomplishments
A nation joined by two cultures

The first mosque furthest north for a while
Success in business and politics
A mayor who is proud to attend Juma
A fur trader who opened Hudson river

The romance that catches the eye
The man who was a friend of her brother
Hanging out together in a party
An suddenly like the moon had entered the room

How about some fresh air outside my fair lady?
Lac la Biche is the lake of the deer
Like the panting deer yearns for water so their hearts
The rest is a beautiful history!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Haiti Hola- AbdulAziz from the Inside

Tragedy strikes again
Insufferable conditions for us

Yet justified as tolerable for them
A wonderful society we live in

Not sparing  a moment of time for them
Brothers and sisters it's time

We give more than a kind thought for them
Haitians suffering only to rise stronger again

Is it that we can't spare a dollar knowing?
It may save countless children, women and men

In the Name of Allah
This message is sent.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Pink Coconut

Eyes that pierce and dance in a singular breath
Skin that shines the  moonlight
Speech stronger than Malala
The Muslim warrior is born in North America

Not afraid  to speak to power
Full of artistic splendor  like the nightingale
The gesture  to share on the shores
The willingness to breathe new life into Faith

This inner light
Coming from the mountains  of Kush
More beautiful than Borealis
It's the pink a feminist is sometimes afraid to don

The coconut warrior!

Friday, 30 September 2016

Cruising next year in de Island Islam!

Caribbean Muslim Convention 2016

People of Queens
Gathered under God
What a delight to eat cassava pone
And listen to Moulana Shafayat!

People of Princess town and Corentyne
Gathered under the American flag
What a delight to have dunkin’ donuts
And relish Melinda Katz and Dr Quick in one breath!

People of Roots and volunteerism
Gathered from masajids and cliques
What bliss to savor yummies and ice crush
And to eat and pray with Dr Shabbir and the beautiful hijabis of Ehsan Academy!

People of Allah
It was the best experience ever!
Your love is unconditional,
And I propose a cruise to the Islands for the next Caribbean Muslim Convention!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Challenges of a Prison Chaplain

I am sitting with some inmates inside the chapel and its Saturday morning. Could you imagine what they are talking about?

People wonder why an Imam would consider spending his precious weekend with men who are hardcore criminals. I find it myself mind boggling!

Is it the story of Yusuf that so inspired us to be to be considerate of the incarcerated? Is it the sweet voice I heard from Bri-anneSwan at our Multicultural Eid in Toronto sharing her brave act to meet with an inmate on death row in Texas? Or is it the soft nature of the innate human disposition called fitra that Dr Karen Armstrong alluded to in the Interfaith conference recently in Montreal?

I suppose it’s all of this and much more as the constellation of accumulated stories of faith and hope over the past eight years makes me continue to listen and guide men and women whose lives tiptoe on the brink of hope!

So here is the inspiration.

Mr strong man is a long time practitioner of Islam and has written his memoirs. He was brought up on Islam; however the cruel interactions of society have led him to a life of regret. But one of the smartest and creative men you will meet when you read about his unpublished work of addictions and the life of a Muslim.

So the path that Malcolm X chartered is not a maiden of street without GPS but very much lived by many in the dark alleys of prison.

And there is our so ghora Gujarati dude in full beard and jubba, cooking spicy Iftars during Ramadan and reciting beautiful Quran! He is so cool that you wouldn’t even imagine he ran the turf one time.

The path that Yusuf Islam threads within the story of music and conversion is the beautiful narrative of a world's celebrity not being afraid to play for his fans and proudly speaking for Islam. I met him at the CN tower dinner last year and he kept it real with his humor!

So I have the pleasure of knowing people for their stories and not judging them by one story. People are not defined by their worse or best moments but by what they do for others. Dr Martin Luther reminds us that what life is about.

Sipping coffee and touting tattoos he respectfully submits that it's time for prayer! That's the white supremacist turned everybody's friend, thanks to the dynamic seed of Islam planted in his soul by reading the Quran last Ramadan. He now exudes the beautiful aura of the Sunnah style and even received a standing ovation as the valedictorian this year!

Such is the transformation that the soul is capable of, that this proven path of spirituality, like music therapy and pets for compassion, is something one could be proud of.

It reminds me of the Prophet Muhammad, on whom be peace, allowing the Bedouin to continue urinating in his mosque while others wanted to smack him up. But Muhammad was more hood than the tough Arabs! He steadied the ‘gangsters’ and won the Bedouin’s heart and millions still today.

That's why I am a Chaplain! And yes Eid is always a blast!